• Competitors will play in groups of 4 with other single entrants of a similar age.
  • The tournament will be conducted as a single Stableford competition. Winners are determined by the highest aggregate of Stableford points daily.
  • Prizes will also be awarded daily for Nearest The Pin, Longest Drives, Straightest Drive and other fun competition.

Stableford Competition Explained

The number of stableford points awarded on each hole is determined based on your ‘adjusted score’ on each hole in relation to par. Under stableford scoring, your actual score on each hole is adjusted based on your handicap. The stroke index is used to determine on what holes you apply your handicap. Examples: a 12 handicap golfer would deduct one shot from their fixed score on stroke index holes rated 1 to 12 only. A 24 handicap player would deduct two shots from their fixed score on holes indexed 1 through 6 and deduct one shot on holes indexed 7 to 18. The ‘adjusted’ score is then compared to the stableford scoring table as follows:

Use this table to calculate stableford points for your ‘adjusted score’
Double bogey or worse 0 stableford points Birdie (1 under par) 3 stableford points
Bogey (1 over par) 1 stableford point Eagle (2 under par) 4 stableford points
Par 2 stableford points Albatross (3 under par) 5 stableford points